through the lens: Marinus Joris

through the lens: Marinus Joris

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The cold waters of Galicia, Finistère, the North Sea: it’s not barrels he’s after. Not as a surfer or photographer. Well, maybe some..

Marinus Joris, North Sea surfer from Scheveningen. Holland, loves the ocean, waves, the interaction between people and the sea. It’s in his blood, he’s from a family of fishermen, from his grandfathers to uncles; the relationship with the sea is omnipresent in his life.

Although he didn’t choose the path of a fisherman, his path directed him to the ocean through surfing and photography. His first love must be, of course, the North Sea. He’s made a movie about it, and a book, all with his good friend Jethro van Luijk, who shares Marinus’ love for capturing the atmosphere rather then pinning down some hard-core action.

dutch skies

But he did fall in love with other places as well, Galicia, Ireland, Brittany, the beauty of the raw, a Celtic feel, no human filter between what you see and what nature created. He’s just not warming up to boulevards, boardwalks or pathways. Not unless it adds to the feel of the place, or simply creates a perfect abstract image.


He likes his images to indulge people in to the sphere;“ I like someone looking at the image and wishing they where there. I like it when people don’t get the whole picture, but are left with enough room to imagine.” Showing the beauty of bad weather, cold, wind, an almost flat day, what’s going on after or before surfing is what he does best. He’s not into excessive photo-editing. “You don’t have to travel the world to see the beauty of things, how the sun reflects on an object, the light shining through the lip of a wave, I find enough of that in my own backyard”

His backyard? That, folks, would be the North Sea and the Atlantic, in short: the seaside.

And it’s exactly why we love him so much and are proud he’s taking part in the I Love the Seaside adventure.

post surf

Throughout the I Love the Seaside surf & travel guide you’ll find his images, the way Marinus captured his vision of southwest Europe.

Besides I Love the Seaside Marinus published work in White Horses, a high end Australian publication devoted to stories of the sea, co-created books and films with Northsea Juice and very recently worked on a project for Ollywood Surfboardswhich took him to the warmer waters of California and Hawaii.


Find Marinus on Instagram: @northseajuice.

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