Northwest Europe, Southwest Europe, Great Britain & Ireland, Morocco; in our guides you’ll find beautiful photography, info on surf spots, a clear view of the backdrop, places you love to hang out, eat and sleep, mighty fine shops, all kinda interesting things to do and see, some intro stories of local seaside people, local food facts and recipes, tips on travel, fitness and a few handy words to know.


We aim to inform, entertain and give a good read, all in one – whether you’re planning a trip to the sunny beaches of Southwest France, Spain, Portugal or Morocco or the not-so-sunshine-guaranteed-but-more-likely-empty bays of Brittany, Wales, Scotland or Ireland. Want to see what makes Cornwall so popular or explore some North Sea spots? Island-hop the Waddens and go north (get hygge on the way) right up to Norway’s fjords-and-herrings-and-active-gear-gorgeous Lofoten.


We help you get into the feeling of a trip before you’re even going. We want you to remember that awesome adventure. We want you to have a lovely tool in hand and use it over and over again.

Why these guides?

Of everybody who loves the seaside, so many are surfing and their numbers are growing fast. In Europe the first and second-generation surfers are travelling with their families. Luckily girls and women are not an exception or rarity in the line-ups anymore.


Between excellent surf-guides, which will give the hard and fast facts about surf-spots, and a dozen traditional guidebooks with practical and/or historical information, the I Love The Seaside guide fills the gap for seaside-loving people with a taste for the beach and surfing lifestyle.


On our survey for the necessity of this guide we found that everybody, from solo travelling women surfers to families and couples – either surfing or loving the surf and beach lifestyle – all agreed that there’s something missing in their need as seaside travellers.

So, what’s in it?

Besides practical information from like-minded and like-passionate people, you’ll learn and read about the surroundings of your favourite surf breaks. Get to know the area through the eye of local surfers, artists and shapers. Learn about exotic food in a way that you can use it yourself, a fun exercise to help your surfing skills and get advice on finding a funky place to stay, a hiking trail, rent a bike or a horse, drop in to a yoga-class and where to repair your board.


The printed guides provides all your seaside needs and more. It’s for sale in our webshop and more & more shops around Europe.

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