to keep balance, keep moving

to keep balance, keep moving

We visited many awesome yoga places for the guide, asked experienced water people, kneeled down at fitness guru’s feet and came up with a few great tips to keep your up your (surfing) fitness.

Like this one: It’s no rocket science, no, it’s not even yoga, but it must be the easiest way to practice your sense of balance.

Stand on one leg, lift the other just a little above the floor. Easy. Now close your eyes and try to hold on for half a minute, then switch. It may seem you’re standing still, but the thing is: you’re moving around, micro movements, and that’s what not only feeds your sense of balance, it will strengthen your legs and ankles using tiny connections that you need to feel more grounded and at the same time correct misbalancing.

Practice regularly and try to prolong to a minute at least, lifting the leg a bit higher. This way you create awareness in your body of every connection it needs to make to keep balance.
Try it and let us know if it works for you.

You’ll find plenty of easy fitness, yoga and health tips throughout the I Love the Seaside guide!


(quote by the way is by Einstein, he said: ‘life’s liking riding a bicycle, in order to keep balance, you must keep moving’)

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