Photo workshop by Harmen Piekema

Photo workshop by Harmen Piekema

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Outside is where my heart lies and where I feel the best

What’s that? Learn from the best, get salty, get muddy.

You’ll be off to the stunningly beautiful Wadden Sea coast with Dutch landscape photographer Harmen Piekema.

Learn about composition, lighting techniques, exposure and more. A workshop about photography and experiencing nature at its finest!

Why the Wadden Sea for a photo-workshop?

“With its spectacular coastline and outstanding light, wildlife, the game of the tides, the Wadden Sea is a truly unique place. Here nature rules, the landscape is under the mercy of the elements”, says Harmen.

What you can expect in this workshop?

How do you choose a location, how to compose a beautiful image, which filter(s) will you need? Every workshop starts with some theory, you’ll be comfy and warm in a beautiful Ford Transit Mk1 campervan, while learning about lighting techniques, focus methods and exposure.

So, what to expect in a workshop from Harmen, and what’s with the theory?

“I strongly believe that knowledge about your camera will improve your photography. If you know your camera’s functions, and how to put them to use, you can use this in the field. Therefore this is an important part of the workshop.”

But most is done in the field. Harmen loves being outdoors, at all times, in all weather. He works and shoots not only Dutch landscapes, if you follow his regular stories on Instagram you’ll find out he’s climbing mountains in Norway to get the first light over the hill. Or waiting for the northern lights to appear in the sky in Sweden.

“There was a time I did a lot of studio and model photography, but when our studio building was closed down and demolished for apartments, I decided not to get a new studio anymore but solely focus on landscape photography. Outside is where my heart lies and where I feel the best.”

Get familiar with the tides and shoot that beautiful reflection when the sun sets…


Date: 8 april 2018.

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