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I Love the Seaside is a continuous inspiration for all seaside-loving people travelling and surfing the shores of Europe. Read interviews, reviews, blogs, meet local people before your journey starts, find your place to stay, discover small brands and artists or share your adventures.

Crowdfundcampaign Surf and Travel Guide to Nortwest Europe

I Love the Seaside bring you another surf and travel guide: this time a printed 384-page to Northwest Europe (English language). From don’t-forget-to-breathe-beautiful Lofoten, in the north of Norway, we surf our way down the west coast then explore the shores of Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland and Belgium, all the way to Normandy, in the north of France. Support our crowdfundcampaign and get your copy in june 2017!

What’s included in the guide?

–       Maps
–       Beautiful and inspiring photos
–       Detailed and clear descriptions of surf breaks for all levels
–       Activities: hikes, SUP-tours, yoga, biking, climbing, fun
& adventurous stuff to do with kids (or without…)
–       Accommodation to suit all budgets
–       Surf schools, surf shops, board rental and repair stops
–       Interviews with local shapers, artists and entrepreneurs
–       Background stories about seaside spots and their surf history
–       Local food facts and delicious recipes
–       Travel and outdoor hints, tips & tricks

You’ll get a distinct sense of the vibe, atmosphere and character of all the places we visit, so it’s a good read even before you leave!

We love to be independent, free to choose and share the lifestyle of acting honestly, purely and with the heart. Staying true to this, we love to support the small and local businesses. That’s why we’ve chosen to do everything by ourselves; from collecting and connecting, to printing and publishing.


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